My Projects

Starbucks Management Implementation Project

Created a system that increased the scope of business for the organization while also reducing labor cost. This system presented an easier and more efficient experience for the customer when accessing the online menu by being able to add multiple items to the cart and edit those items to their specific needs. Everything is extremely fast paced in today’s world, especially for businesses that target audience is everyday professionals that need something quick to eat or drink. This system will help both the customers with a faster way to place the orders and employees with being given the tools to provide the best customer service experience.

ServiceNow & Slack Integration

Performed integration analysts’ duties by integrating the slack application into ServiceNow by enabling the ServiceNow Integration Hub installer plugin, utilizing flow designer and creating/enabling the slack webhooks. This process helped streamlines and organize communication with incidents and records which led to faster responses to said incidents and an overall more improved IT customer service experience.